Madison pulled into the driveway of the warehouse. She was surprised at the changes since she had last visited. The perimeter fence was now two layers deep, and the outer fence had rolls of razor wire at the top. The simple gate had been replaced by a heavy section of fencing that looked like it could roll to the side. It was closed and the gatehouse was empty. There were no trucks at the loading docks.

“Seems like nobody is here,” Bryce said.

Madison got out of the car and looked around. She saw a camera atop the fence, and she waved her arms. “Hey!” she yelled. “Let us in!”

Nothing happened.

She walked back to her car, opened the back door, and pulled out Bryce’s brother’s baseball bat. “What are you doing?” Bryce asked.

She didn’t answer. Madison walked over to the gatehouse dragging the bat on the pavement, and then using all the strength she could muster, she smashed the window. Glass flew everywhere. She turned to the camera and flipped it off. Then she walked to the other window and smashed that one as well. Seeing no more glass to break, she dropped the bat and yelled at the camera again. “Hey assholes! I need to talk to you!”

“This was your great idea?” Bryce yelled from the car.

“I’m improvising!” she yelled back.

Madison picked up the bat and used it to bludgeon the doorknob off the gatehouse’s door. She figured there might be a button to open the gate, but after kicking in the wounded door and stepping inside, she couldn’t find one. She left the gatehouse and walked to the fence. She climbed until her face was even with the camera. She leaned into its view and growled, “Let me in you fucking assholes.”

That seemed to do the trick because she saw a door open on the side of the warehouse. She quickly climbed back down. Bryce helped her with the last couple feet, and she picked up the bat. Armed men were jogging toward them and she yelled, “Open the fucking gate!” at them for good measure.

When the men had arrived at the gate, it started to roll to one side. Two of the guards held assault rifles pointed at the teens while the others proceeded past them to inspect the damage. “Give him your keys and come with us,” the guard on the left ordered.

“I left them in the car, dumbass,” she said.

The guard who spoke waved one of his peers toward the car, and he motioned to Madison and Bryce using his gun. “This way,” he said. “Hands on your head.”

Madison dropped the bat and put her hands on her head. She and Bryce walked past the guard toward the warehouse.

“You really are a piece of work, you know that Mads?” Bryce said as they walked.

“It’s a gift,” she said.

“That was kind of badass, I have to admit,” he said. “Like in a movie.”

“It was really fun, actually,” she replied. “You should try it some time. Lucas told me I should try meditation for my anxiety, but I think maybe what I should have been doing all this time is breaking shit with a baseball bat. It’s practically cathartic.”

“Baseball bat therapy,” he said. “You could write a book.”

“Shut up and pick up the pace,” the lead guard said. “Watch yourselves.”

Madison glanced back and saw that her car was approaching. She and Bryce moved to the side of the road as it went past and parked in the lot. The guards directed them through a door, and they were soon seated in the office Madison had watched with Cindy’s spy camera. The guard took their phones and left them in the room. Madison got up to check the door. They were locked in.

She paced around the room.

“Now what?” Bryce asked.

“I guess we wait,” she replied.

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