Pre-Orders Now Available

undefinedI hope you’ve been enjoying Perplexity! Just six more scenes to go. A few days after the last scene drops, I’ll be taking the book off the web and switching to traditional publishing channels. The Kindle edition is now available for pre-order at and the paperback is available at Tell your friends!

The number one driver of sales in the book business is Amazon reviews. Please, please, PLEASE, write a review when you have finished reading. Just a couple sentences is fine. If you feel comfortable writing a review right now, you can do it from those links, or just follow this link for the US Amazon store. (Note that you must have spent some money at Amazon to leave a review.) Alternately, you can leave a review on Goodreads if you have an account there.

Finally, I am always happy to do signed copies. If you want one of those, just stuff $18 into and include your US shipping address. (For orders outside the US, I’ll need a little more to cover postage.)

I’ll remind you about the reviews again after the last scene drops. Hang on… we’re almost there!

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