“I am Professor…” he walked to the chalkboard and scrawled as he spoke, “Martin. And you are in…” he moved to the next chalkboard and continued his writing, “Philosophy of Modern Journalism.” He turned to face the class, still gripping the chalk. “If this comes as a surprise to you, and you thought this wasContinue reading “100”


“What happened?” Jenny asked. “My screen went blank before I was able to finish reading.” “This is the way the world ends,” Judy said. “Not with a bang but a whimper,” Madison replied. The room took on a faint green glow as people cracked chemical lights. The screens were all blank. The fans on theContinue reading “99”


“What happens now?” Madison asked Judy. “We wait,” Judy replied, motioning with her chin toward the array of screens on the wall. Madison shifted her attention to the screens. She noticed that if she watched carefully, the positions of the discs representing the different pebbles were changing very slowly. The world map underneath the circlesContinue reading “98”


“That really hurt,” Judy said. “I’m sorry,” Madison replied. “But I didn’t see an alternative.” “I guess you’ve got your hand on the trolley switch now,” Judy said. “Seems that way,” Madison agreed. “What are you talking about?” the administrator asked. “Our friend here sees this as fundamentally an ethics question,” Judy explained. “Do weContinue reading “97”


Madison entered the room and saw a wall of screens. Most of the screens were displaying a map of the earth and overlaid on that map were circles that she guessed represented the pebbles. There were thousands of them. People were seated at rows of computers. The setup looked like pictures she’d seen of NASAContinue reading “96”